Journal of New Government Paradigmn Vol.1 No.2 “Bureaucracy Reform”

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Welcome to the second edition of our International Journal on New Paradigm of Government. As it first edition, the journal keep on promoting good governance through any researches or academic writing publication. This time, the theme is Bureaucracy Reform that perform seven distinguished writings from mostly practicioners in the Ministry of Home Affairs.  We start the  journey of reformation by Diah Anggreani who wrote  Bureaucracy Reform in the Empirical Perspective and Pathology. As a former General Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs she argued that pathology of bureaucracy has weaken the performance of bureaucracy. Continue reading

Journal of New Government Paradigm Vol. 1 No.1 “Combating Corruption”

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The importance of publishing an International Journal for academic institution has been presticiously demanded. Therefore, after almost one year of preparation, the Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) Graduate Program Institute of Internal Government Affairs (IPDN), Ministry of Home Affairs has firstly published a premier journal that called the Journal of the New Paradigm Government. The journal is intended to publish relevant issues in government cases thematically. It is open publication for any relevant academic writings not only internally in IPDN but also for academicians, practitioners and government observers. Continue reading