Journal of New Government Paradigm, Volume 2nd, 2nd Edition, December 2015 “State-Local Relation”

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It is not easy to collect selected writing related this third edition theme on Relation between Central Government and Local Government. In the unified system, the roles of central government are strongly needed to guide local government in providing social welfare.  Yi Yangsoo, professor of Yeungnam University discussed about the program of Saemaul Undong from Central to rural government that could elevate the income and living quality of society by three principle: diligent, self help and cooperation. Chusnul Mar’iyah, associate professor from Indonesia University focused on the changing of regime from authoritarian to democratization in 1998 brought significant impact in term of discourse on gender representation.

Sabil Rachman, lecture of STIPAN discusses the State Role and the Dynamics of the central and regional relations on the Disaster Management Policies which specifically organized an analysis on Aceh’s Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency after the 2005-2009 tsunami. Dahyar Daraba, lecturer in IPDN discusses the relationship between central and local government can be summed up in a few areas, namely: the field of authority, the institutional sector, the financial sector, the public service, guidance and supervision.


Afriadi S. Hasibuan talks Regional economic development planning based on potential product is very important for development. It is a basic concept to improve the economic of society in order to lead welfare society. It is also competitive in the local, regional and global market. Regional Potential Resources Products (PUD) become necessary to regional planning in order to be the best promote development of the regional economic. Sri Hartati, lecture in IPDN, focused various problems in the implementation of sustainable cropland protection in Karawang Regency to prevent the cropland conversion through the implementation of government service and community development.  Last, Wilda Rica Rahayu Putri, employee in Ministry of Home Affairs wrote on the corruption prevention efforts through family-based anti-corruption education in Sub Prenggan, District Kotagede, Special Region Yogyakarta are involved Prenggan itself either as a volunteer, coordinator of activities and families as program’s target.


Those are seven topics that hopefully could enrich our sphere or knowledge. We are very grateful for having us as one of your reading source. We will keep up continued to upgrade our international journal in sphering the research and academic debate on government. Happy reading.

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