International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK) Volume 3, Number 1, July 2016 – Community Development

Cover IJoK

It is not easy to collect selected writing related this first edition for this volume theme on Community Development. In the unified system, the roles of central government are strongly needed to guide local government in providing social welfare.  Yi Yangsoo, professor of Yeungnam University discussed the program of Saemaul Undong from Central to a rural government that could elevate the income and living quality of society by three principles: diligent, self-help and cooperation. Ika Sartika, associate professor from Governance Institute of Home Affairs focused on the rural community development as a government program combines with village resources.

Ella Wargadinata, lecture of IPDN discusses the role of the community to empower their selves with the government program (PNPM) which regulation and technical guidance is made by the government. So, the complexity of government program and community existing condition in the rural area is hard to be combined. Alma’arif and Anindita Primastuti, lecturer in IPDN discusses the community development challenge in the coastal area which is more than 60 percent of Indonesian are fisheries. Those conditions will be a special challenge for both central government and local government to empower them in order to make them more empower.

Dwi Indah Kartika talks about the woman empowerment through micro-credit bank system. Women often have difficulty in getting facilities and a decent living as a man. This condition marginalizes women’s rights in case of social and economy. In addition to its economy background, women are also limited in gaining access to information, education and political participation. Microfinance is a tool that provides loans in a small amount to poor families in order to assist them doing productive activities and grow their small businesses. Rakhmad Kavin and Cici Dwi Kusuma, lecture in IPDN, focused various problems in community empowerment in the city which its condition is very different with the rural area.  Using community development agency report to analyze and give a personal statement in order to increase city’s community development method. Last, Hardiyanto Rahman, Lecture in IPDN discuss community development in the east-Indonesia border area. It is the unique case to discuss because the existing condition of community in Papua who still have more tribes and culture, need special treatment to make them cooperative and more empower.

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