Journal of New Government Paradigm, Volume 2nd, 1st Edition, June 2015 “Public Service”

Cover Journal Fix 3rd Edition

We are happy to present the third edition with Public Services theme. There have been some troubles in collecting qualified and relevant topics. The reason to come with this theme is that the core of local government existence is to provide local public services. They are an urgent element of having social welfare where most people would enjoy the government works through as many as possible public services provided for them. Therefore, some articles are discussed differently in public services. Started by Nurliah Nurdin, lecture in IPDN, who stated that comparing decentralization and federalism in public concern is depending on the quality of leadership and people participation. Providing public services will embrace public trust and legitimacy of leadership. Mansyur Achmad, also a lecturer in IPDN, who analyzed new paradigm of public service in Indonesia in perspective of control and responsibility. The control in public service is very important to ensure that the state-run public service, including the private sector with appropriate quality of standards.

The third author came from University Utara Malaysia, Ahmad Martadha Mohamed and Zainal Abidin Sabtu who came from University Utara Malaysia. They describe community policy and its impact on social capital development in Malaysia. They argued that community controls the government on public interest especially in public service. The next author from Mindanao State University Philippine, Milhaya Dianalan Langco who came from Mindanao State University. They pointed that strategies in basic social services delivery in Barangany Lumbac always linked with political aspect. The politician alwayss checked the development in his constituent area. The Fifth author come from Norway, Nuri Soeseno who described the contentious politics between two towns in west Norway linked with health care service policy. Her research shows that the establishment (plan) of a common hospital for Nordmore and Romsdal is not the right solution to end the long bickering between Kristiansund and Molde. The appointment of Hjelset (outside of Molde) as the site for the common hospital in Nordmore and Romsdal is not just a natural ‘consequences’ of the adoption of the new perspective in healthcare service in Norway.

The head of Cirebon Regency, West Java-Indonesia, Sunjaya Purwadisastra, he analyzed entrepreneurial leadership in improving employee motivation especially in public service. He states that the application of entrepreneurship concept in service delivery could bring changes, breakthrough initiatives and innovation in order to improve employee motivation. Entrepreneur leader can make employee creativity and innovation also capacity to answer issues in community in order to bring their initiatives to fill their interest.The last author is head of Pekanbaru City, Riau Province. Firduas wrote about influence of entrepreneurial leadership toward employee performance. It is quite same with previous author, but he focusing on performance of employee in public service delivery. His result shows that entrepreneurial leadership which on going between leader and staff is one of the causes of high and low employee performance in implementing and delivering service.

Finally, we are very grateful for having us as one of your reading source. We will keep up continued to make this paper better performed and accredited in governance debate.

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